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How to Apply for Hajj


There are two types of Hajj travel facilities available in Pakistan:

(A)     Government Scheme     (B)    Private Scheme

(A) Government Scheme

  1. As a normal practice, Govt. of Pakistan’s Ministry of Hajj & Auqaf invites applications for Hajj through banks a few months before. If you have the intention to perform Hajj, submit your application as per rules. Make sure that “Niyah” or the intention avowed by a would-be-pilgrim is considered the most essential ingredient in a individual’s commitment to make the pilgrimage. That one has no intention to make the journey a joy ride or a business trip.

The vow taken serenely in private is what gives the pilgrimage that will follow the true impact. It is the vow that underlines the meaning of the cry “Labbayak”. I am with Thee or Here I am in Thy presence.

  1. If you intend to proceed for Hajj in a particular group then all the applications of that group should be submitted together. In other case the bank authorities shall form the group at their own discretion.
  2. Those who apply in group shall travel by air or by bus together. Their Maktab and Maullim in Saudi Arabia, shall be same. They will stay all at one place.
  3. Some pilgrims do not intend to avail the accommodation facility arranged by the government. Such person should submit a certificate in this respect from Saudi authorities in Mak’kah to the bank concerned. Accommodation charges shall be refunded in due course of time.
  4. All intending Hajis are well advised to strictly follow the custom regulations of both Saudi and Pakistani govt. Articles like knife, toothpaste, tooth powder, soap, eatable like sweets, biscuits, sugar, flour, video/audio cassettes or computer disks are totally disallowed. If found in your luggage shall be confiscated at the airport. Do not carry starched cloths. Saudi authorities suspect this to be dipped in narcotic with severe punishment if detected.
  5. Intending Haji should submit photographs, preferably coloured in size and number as mentioned in the application form. Also keep a few photographs with you in spare.
  6. Keep the official receipt issued by the bank very carefully. Every Haji shall have to present this receipt while taking delivery of the passport, foreign exchange, medical certificate etc. Every Haji should give the name, NIC number and the address of his/her next of kin.


(B) Private Scheme

Those Hajis who intend to avail the private Hajj facility should very carefully select their Hajj group. The group organizers should have the registration with Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of Pakistan and should have good reputation amongst the circle of Hajis who have availed their services in the past.

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How to apply for Hajj

There are two types of Hajj travel facilities available in Pakistan.

Learn the issues ralated Hajj

Having submitted the application for Hajj an intending Haji should familiarise and try to know each and every thing.

Duties towards Fellow Humans

Every Haji should know and understand his duties owed to God (Huqooq Allah), his duties and responsibilities towards fellow human beings (Huqooq-ul-Ibad). God forgives things which is owed to him by his servants, if He please, provided the sinner repents and affirms not to repeat such acts..

Important Things to Know

  1. Every pilgrim should have well acquaintance with his group leader and other members of the group.

Essential items to be carried by an Haji are: More...

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